The Western Harbour – experiences and lessons learned

The development of the Western Harbour in Malmö was commenced in 2001 with Bo01, the first full-size model of the sustainable city of tomorrow. Since then the development has continued at Dockan, Varvstaden, Flagghusen and Fullriggaren, all of which have made interesting additions to the area. The Western Harbour has become a place of pilgrimage for policy makers, city planners, architects and others who come here from all parts of the world to experience one of the most advanced examples of sustainable urban development to date.

The Western Harbour is renowned for its sustainable and appealing housing but commerce and business, as well as a university, have all been established and thrived within it. The Western Harbour was once the workshop of Malmö, providing employment for the people of the city. Now it is flourishing even further and more people are employed here now than at any time during the shipbuilding era. At the same time the area has become a popular destination for the citizens of Malmö.
This anthology was written by a number of people who were involved in the Western Harbour project. It supplies a summary of the development at its midway stage with insights into everything from planning and environmental technology to how the Western Harbour has been received around the world.

Editor: Bengt Persson

Arkus publication 70

ISBN 978-91-978664-5-3

Year of publication: 2013

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